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In order to give fair recognition to high level athletes and to ensure a fair management of entry applications, we reserve places for elite athletes according to their Performance Index in the category of the race they chose to compete. Elite runners must register during the registration period. No registration will be accepted after the deadline.

Men Women  
50K 100K 100M 50K 100K 100M  
Direct and free entry 850 820 800 710 690 650 Or Top3* runners of their countries
Direct and paid entry (Region 2) 710 660 580 560 520 450  


Region 1 : USA, Europe, China, Japan, Oceania
Region 2 : Other countries

Runners meeting the criteria may benefit from the above registration conditions. They shall contact the organizer by filling form at DITUTMB2023_ELITE in order to obtain a discount code which can then be entered when registering in the normal way.