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8th December 2023


Only race that offer the scenic of the most two beautiful cliffs around Doi Inthanon.

Race Category


Running Stones



104 KM

Elevation Gain

6107 M+

Start Date

8th December 2023

Start Time


Max Allowed Race Time

30 Hours

Cliffs 100

Only race that offer the scenic of the most two beautiful cliffs around Doi Inthanon.

Aid stations of CLIFF 100

Start - Doi Inthanon National Park Headquarter

A15 - Pha Mon Village

A16 - Luang Patthana Ban Khun Wang School

W2 - Huay Pla Kub Viewpoint

A9 - Pa Kluai Village

A10 - Pong Noi Village

W1 - Sob Hard's Firebreak

A11 - Inthanon Forest Fire Control Station

A12 - Mae Aeb Nai Village

A13 - Huai Wok School

A14 - Mae Klang Luang Village

Finish - Doi Inthanon National Park Headquarter

Mandatory Gear


Basic kit:

• Running pack to carry mandatory gear throughout the race.

• Mobile/Cell phone (smartphone strongly recommended): the runner must be reachable at any time before, during and after the race:

o Mobile/Cell phone with international roaming that works in Thailand.

o Each runner should save the organization's safety phone numbers, do not mask/block your number and do not forget to start the race with the battery fully charged)

o Keep the phone on at all times, airplane mode is forbidden and could result in a penalty.

o For smartphones: LiveRun application installed and activated.

o An external battery is highly recommended

• Personal collapsible cup 15 cl/5oz minimum (bottles or flasks with lids are not accepted)

• Minimum water supply: 1 liter

• Two (2) working headlamps with spare cells/batteries for each headlamp. Recommendation of 200 lumens or more for the main torch light

• Survival blanket of 1.40m x 2m minimum / 55 inches x 80 inches

• Whistle

• Self-adhering elastic bandage for bandaging or strapping (minimum 100 cm x 6 cm / 40 inches x 2,5 inches)

• Food reserve. Recommendation of 800kcal (2 gels + 2 power bars)

• A windproof jacket with hood with durable water-repellent protection (DWR protection)

• Long-legged trousers or race leggings OR a combination of leggings and socks to cover the legs completely (Optional for CLIFFS 100)

• Cap, bandana or Buff®

• Additional warm second layer*: a warm second layer top with long sleeves (excluding cotton) weighing at least 180g (6,5 onces) OR the combination of a long-sleeved warm undergarment (first or second layer, excluding cotton) weighing at least 110g (4 onces) (*Optional for CLIFFS 100)

• Warm gloves (Optional for CLIFFS 100)

• Copy OR original ID card /passport

• First aid kits

• LED, reflective vest or belt, or reflective band with at least 2 inches length

• Reusable bowl and spoon/spork

Hot weather kit (may be required by the organization, depending on weather conditions)

• Sunglasses ***

• Saharan cap or any combination which completely covers the head and nape/back of the neck

• Sunscreen, recommendation: minimum sun protection factor (SPF) 50 

• Minimum water supply: 2 liters

Cold weather kit (may be required by the organization, depending on weather conditions)

• Protective eyewear ***

• 3rd warm layer (intermediary layer between the 2nd layer and the waterproof jacket)

• Recommendation: fleece or compressible down jacket

• Sturdy, closed-toe trail-running shoes (minimalist or ultralight shoes excluded)

*** it is possible to use the same glasses if they are suitable both for the sun and bad weather (such as glasses with photo-chromatic lenses) All clothing items must fit the runner - in terms of size - and they must not be altered in any way after leaving the factory. The mandatory gear must be carried in a running pack for the duration of the whole race.  The running pack is tagged during race-pack collection and must not be changed during the race.

Other recommended equipment (including but not limited to):

• Hat

• Water-proof gloves

• Waterproof over trousers

• Jacket with hood for bad weather in the mountains/course terrain. The jacket must be made of a waterproof* and breathable** membrane (e.g.. Outdry)

• Spare warm clothing, essential in case of cold and rainy weather or in case of injury

• Poles in the case of rain or snow for your safety on slippery ground

• Vaseline or anti-heat cream

• at least 500 baht cash (just in case...).

• GPS watch

• Knife or scissors for cutting elastic bandage

• Emergency sewing kit

If runners choose to take hiking poles with them, they must carry them for the entire duration of the race. It is forbidden to start without poles and get them during the course of the race. No poles are authorized in the spare bags. If you have further questions about mandatory equipment, do not hesitate to consult our FAQs Music: Listening to music using earphones only, is tolerated, so long as it is safe to do so. Any earphones MUST be removed when crossing any roads, as well as on approach to, and whist at, any checkpoints and when approaching and passing any Safety Team members.